These Three Words

“Of good courage.” After reading this phrase over and over again during my morning scriptures or in church, I began to wonder what that usage meant. Good courage versus bad courage? Interchangeable with “good cheer”? I had to know and understand, what exactly I was getting myself into before I decided to write about having … More These Three Words

Bigger than my fears

I read a lot, of pretty much everything, it’s where I find solace, knowledge and an appreciation that creativity is a true blessing. Finding this understanding of myself as a true creative spirit has been buried lately. Buried under job loss, wounded self confidence and a damaged self image. When I was younger I felt … More Bigger than my fears

This Christmas

One year ago this time, I wasn’t putting up my Christmas tree. I was in a hospital bed, enjoying some serious painkillers (the intravenous kind you get through a little remote) and thankful to be alive. I had gone into surgery to have fibroids removed. My doctor found a large cyst the size of a … More This Christmas