Ditch the big words!

“Why do you always use such big words?” I was puzzled once again by all the frustration and aggravation his 8 year old self could muster. My nephew asks a lot of questions. Some simple but almost always a series of questions with the never ending demand of “Why?” 

Out of the many times I am able to come up with an answer for his wide range of questions, this one had me stumped. In reality, I always considered myself as pretty intelligent, not just in book knowledge or by passing standardized tests but in my never ending quest to learn more, always challenging myself to stay aware of current events and things going on around me. But this dude always gets me thinking. Do I found it easier to be understood or more protective to create a brick wall of intelligence that makes me unapproachable. Like every professional that speaks in jargon either on purpose or out of habit, surrounding myself in larger than necessary words to make a point is just not effective in communications or life. 

My goal moving forward is to speak clearly and simply, not just to avoid my nephew’s line of questioning but to be understood without explanation. But moving forward, I will have my nephew   working on a summer vocabulary list . Image


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