Overcoming helplessness

Helplessness: that dull, sick feeling of not being the one at the reins. When did you last feel like that –- and what did you do about it?

The feeling of helplessness is like walking around the slippery perimeter of quicksand. Allow yourself to get too close and before you know it you are up to your neck in negative thoughts, leading to negative actions and eventually negative habits. Building a strategy to stay positive helps you to stay emotionally ready for the time when situations are under your control and you can take ownership of what your reactions can be. 

Moment of complete honesty for today: My reaction to feelings of helplessness changes constantly depending on the survival priority the situation inspires; life survival, personal relationship survival or emotional survival. If it is a sense of professional helplessness,(which happens often when searching for full time work) I do one of several things: I seek inspiration from my network by emailing or calling a friend in a similar situation, learn something new or different by studying my training resources- Lynda.com, Hubspot training online or  YouTube training videos and lastly (should be first) I write down or meditate on what I should be grateful for, which is a great tool I learned from one my mentors, Henna Inam.

In short, focusing on what I should be grateful for is probably the best route for overcoming helplessness for me. Letting the sinking feeling of helplessness overtake you only leads to insecurity, negative thoughts and usually a “pity party parade”, all things I plan to avoid in 2013.

Future goal will be to have more moments of complete honesty…

*side note- while searching for quicksand images, found lots of images of women sinking breast high in quicksand and couldn’t help but think, “some people find women in imminent death situations sexy?” Sad. And weird.



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