Survivors and Visionaries

I sat down in the middle of my freshly vacuumed living room today with the intent of developing my first Vision Board. I gathered some of my glossy periodicals, a poster board, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. In my collection were several “O” Magazines, Essence and InStyle. As I flipped through slick pages of ads, ads and content I set aside some images and phrases that I believed would fit my pre-determined vision.  Just 3 magazines in with a stack of 10 waiting, my mom called.I gave her the usual updates of what job leads had come about, how my week was going and she did the same. I told her about my vision board and how excited I was to finally embark on a process so many of my friends and colleagues swore by. I explained to my mom that the vision board would help me visualize my life goals and strategies and suggested that she do one for herself. She laughed. Not a bad laugh, but one that said, not likely. She went on to say I was always a big dreamer and visionary and she was a survivor. I suggested to her that perhaps I am so hybrid of both and she laughed again.

Can I person exhibit the behaviors of two very different personality types or should a person be content with making the best of their dominant personality and can a vision board help your figure it out?


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